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Pangborn Memorial Airport is home to numerous aviation businesses. From aircraft maintenance and repair to aircraft restoration and almost everything in between, our aviation businesses are here to help you take flight.

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Rantz Air Logo


RantzAir offers flight instruction and aircraft rentals at Pangborn Memorial Airport. The office is located inside of the Pangborn Flight Center with scheduled hours from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Other hours, including weekends, are available by appointment. Randy Rantz is a Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI) who offers introductory flights, single and twin engine instruction, biannual flight reviews as well as high-performance endorsements. RantzAir has two Cessna 152s and one Cessna 172R aircraft available for rent and flight instruction.

Phone: 509.679.0768
Website: www.rantzair.com

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Century Aviation

Century Aviation specializes in the manufacture of exact reproduction aircraft and quality restorations of historic and classic aircraft. The company offers disassembly, transportation, and reassembly of aircraft that are too old or too unique to fly. Additionally, they work as consultants to museums, assisting in installing or moving their exhibits. Other services include inspections and load tests on aircraft that will be suspended, design of attachment fittings and rigging, and installation of the aircraft. If you would like to visit their facility, please make an appointment by contacting them at the number below.

Phone: 509.884.0332
Website: www.century-aviation.com

Spirit of Wenatchee Logo

Spirit of Wenatchee

The Spirit of Wenatchee is home to Miss Veedol, a replica of a 1930 Bellanca J300 that made the first nonstop crossing of the Pacific Ocean in 1931. The Miss Veedol replica was built over a period of four years with the help of numerous pilots and aviation enthusiasts.

Phone: 509.662.2704
Website: http://www.missveedol.org/

Cascade Soaring Society Logo

Cascade Soaring Society

The Cascade Soaring Society is a nonprofit club where members enjoy the sport of soaring while learning from one another. It is one of the oldest glider clubs in Washington State and the organization seeks to help others discover this thrilling and challenging sport. They have four club-owned gliders in their fleet: an L-13 Blanik trainer, a Lark IS- 28B2 two-place touring glider, a LET L-33 Solo single-place transition glider, and a Rolladen Schneider LS-3 high-performance glider. The club uses a Cessna 150 with a 150hp engine for glider towing.

Phone: 509.886.0811
Website: www.cascadesoaringsociety.com

Six Chuter International Logo

Six Chuter International, LLC

Six Chuter International, LLC is a Light Sport Manufacturer of powered parachutes. The company has been producing ultralight and light-sport certified aircraft since 1991, distributing more than 2,100 around the world. Powered parachutes are one of the safest, easiest aircraft to learn and least expensive ways to enjoy aviation. Their 5,000 square foot manufacturing facility is located at 4022 Airport Way. Staff is usually onsite Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, but please call ahead to schedule a visit.

Toll-free phone: 888.727.1998
Local phone: 509.264.0588
Website: www.sixchuter.com

Six Chuter International Logo

Ridgeline Aviation, LLC

Ridgeline Aviation LLC is a small aircraft maintenance facility located at Pangborn Memorial Airport in hangar 3910.  Owner and technician, Cass Monnin is dedicated to serving the aviation community.  He is a licensed A&P and IA Technician.  Cass has extensive knowledge and expertise, with over twenty years of experience in aviation.  One of Ridgeline Aviation’s goals is to provide excellent and prompt customer service with an emphasis on safety, knowledge and satisfaction.

Local phone: 509.679.0982
Website: Coming Soon!