Flight Status


Curious as to when the Alaska Airlines flights operate? Or are you picking up someone or dropping them off at the airport and need to know if the flight is on time? You’ve come to the right place. Use the buttons below to discover the answers to your flight questions at Pangborn Memorial Airport.


Flight NumberTimeDaysAirlineFlight Status
215811:18 amDailyAlaska / HorizonCheck Flight Status
20646:14 pmX/SatAlaska / HorizonCheck Flight Status
213811:58 pmDailyAlaska/HorizonCheck Flight Status


Flight NumberTimeDaysAirlineFlight Status
21496:00 amDailyAlaska/HorizonCheck Flight Status
215912:00 pmDailyAlaska/HorizonCheck Flight Status
20697:00 pmX/SatAlaska/HorizonCheck Flight Status

*Please see www.AlaskaAir.com for most up to date flight schedule along with flight status information.