Lost and Found


Losing an item while traveling is never ideal. If it happened in our airport, we will help find it. There are several ways to recover the missing item depending on when and where it went missing.

Lost during screening?

If it was lost during the screening process, TSA will be your best bet in recovering your item. Please call 509.884.4700 to contact the airport administration office, they will contact the TSA for you.

Lost in the terminal?

If the item was lost in the terminal, please contact us via the online form below or feel free to reach us during normal business, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, excluding holidays at 509.884.4700.

After business hours, weekends and holidays, leave a message at 509. 884. 4700, and your call will be promptly returned once the office reopens.

Lost on the plane?

For items lost in flight or on board an aircraft, please contact your airline directly. Alaska Air Group can be reached at 800.252.7522 or via their website by clicking here.

Lost in the Parking Lot?

If you lost an item in the airport parking lot, please contact Pangborn Airport Parking at 509.888.0225 or via email Parking@cdrpa.org.

Luggage sitting on a metal cart on the ramp at the Pangborn Memorial Airport
Passengers putting items in plastic bins before security at the EAT airport

Lost and Found Contact Form

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