Master Plan


Pangborn Memorial Airport (EAT) is an essential facility, vital to our community and important to our regional economy. An Airport Master Plan (Plan) is being prepared to assess and document the facility and service needs of EAT over the next 20 years.

About the Plan


What is an Airport Master Plan?

The Pangborn Airport Master Plan (Plan) serves as a vision for the next 20 years to guide future improvements for Airport facilities and operations. The Plan is reflective of input from the local community while providing for a facility that is:

  • Safe and efficient, in accordance with design standards.
  • Economically viable and supported in a financially sustainable manner.
  • Aligned with broad local, regional, state and national planning goals.

Pangborn Airport’s Master Plan was last updated in 2004, however, changes in Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) design standards, airport activity trends, and airport development goals mean that the 2004 Plan no longer reflects stakeholder needs. The FAA recommends that airports update their Plan approximately every ten years to address new regulations and changes in the aviation industry. The Plan is prepared in accordance with FAA guidance, as prescribed by grant assurances and regulatory standards. Conformance with FAA standards enables the Airport to apply for federal and state funding to support the maintenance, expansion, and upgrade of Airport facilities. The FAA funds approximately 90 percent of this Plan cost.

Need this information in an easy to print format?  Check out our Master Plan Factsheet!

What will the Plan include?

This Plan includes activities conducted by commercial service, general aviation, and military users, in addition to other aviation and non-aeronautical interests located on and off-Airport. It evaluates Airport improvement needs with respect to up-to-date user information, trends, facility conditions, and design standards. The focus of the Plan recommendations are:

  • User activity levels
  • Airfield facilities
  • Airspace
  • Airport infrastructure and utilities
  • Airport land use
  • Airport property

Key Components

The Master Plan includes the following chapters, used to describe the decisions made by the Airport and other stakeholders during the planning process. Draft chapters will be uploaded to this website following their review by the Airport.

  • Chapter 1 – Inventory
  • Chapter 2 – Aviation Demand Forecasts
  • Chapter 3 – Facility Developments
  • Chapter 4 – Improvement Alternatives
  • Chapter 5 – Implementation and Capital Improvement Plan
  • Airport Layout Plan (ALP) Drawings

Planning Advisory Committee

A Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) serves as the technical advisory group to provide feedback on the Master Plan’s (Plan) development alternatives and guide development of the updated Plan. The PAC is comprised of airport users, representatives from local agencies and jurisdictions, and other key stakeholders. Visit our Document Library to view PAC meeting materials, including agendas, presentations and meeting summaries. All PAC meetings are open to the public.

The PAC will:

  • Identify Plan objectives per airport and community interests
  • Review interim reports and study documents
  • Provide feedback and insight on Plan recommendations
  • Recommend a preferred Plan course-of-action
  • Give feedback on the strategy to inform and engage the public


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Document Library

For more information about the Plan, please see the following documents and materials:

PAC Meeting Materials